6/2/2018 – CA put out a Media Release on the recent change regarding over-the-counter sales of opioids. Press Release – Opioids

24/6/2016 – Chiropractic Australia recently made a statement about the posting of racial comments on social media by a member of Chiropractic Australia. That member has now resigned. Any form of racial, religious or cultural vilification is unacceptable. Chiropractic Australia members who make such comments will face expulsion or suspension.

21/6/2016 – Link to Radio National Health Report program titled “A Close Look at Chiropractic Work” in which CA President Rod Bonello is interviewed – http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/healthreport/crack-a-baby’s-back..-again./7520954

3/6/2016 – Article in Australian Doctor regarding GPs not referring to chiropractors and quoting CA President Rod Bonello – Australian Doctor

17/5/2016 – CA President Rod Bonello interviewed by Jon Faine on ABC Radio 774 responding to recent adverse media about chiropractic  – https://soundcloud.com/user-1606260/rod-bonello-jon-faine-abc-radio-17-5-16

12/5/2016 – CA writes to Health Ministers to address media reports relating to advertising of unsupported treatment efficacy and treatment of children – Follow-Up Letter to Health Ministers

10/5/2016 – CA voices concerns to Board over recent media reports – Letter to CBA regarding Adverse Media

10/5/2016 – CA write to Board about concerns over unscientific CPD programs – Letter to CBA regarding CPD

10/5/2016 – CA writes to RACGP about recent media reports and suggested ban on GP referrals – Letter To RACGP

29/2/2016 – CA writes to Federal and State Health Ministers to introduce itself – Letter to Health Ministers

20/1/2016 – CA President Rod Bonello on ABC News “Chiropractors who make wild claims or spurious claims really do erode the credibility of the profession.” http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-01-20/abc-obtains-list-of-chiropractors-accused-of-misleading-claims/7099412

18/1/2016 – CA President Rod Bonello talks to the Guardian “When chiropractors depart unethical and irresponsible information, it is a disappointment, but it is in no way unique to chiropractors and is something that is a problem in all areas of health care” http://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2016/jan/18/chiropractic-board-australia-should-be-sacked-members-contentious-claims