“This is a terrific initiative to further the progression of our profession. As a chiropractor with a strong interest in Sports, I welcome the support that Chiropractic Australia will provide to promote and grow sports chiropractic in Australia. I look forward to seeing a sports chiropractic organisation that welcomes all and represents Australian sports chiropractic.”

Dr Luke Nelson
Sports Chiropractor

“Spinal disorders are a major burden to society that require honest, ethical and patient-centred advocacy. Chiropractors specialise in spinal health care and play an important role in spinal healthcare provision and policy direction. The vast majority of chiropractors are good clinicians who genuinely care for their patients. They are making a wonderful contribution to the Australian community. Notwithstanding, Chiropractic’s ability to provide leadership in the area of spinal health is currently limited by indifference to unethical practises such as over-servicing, spurious claims and belief-based management strategies. Building referrals with other healthcare practitioners is important for chiropractors and their patients. It will require higher levels of trust at the profession level. Opportunity now exists for responsible chiropractors to support responsible advocacy. Chiropractic Australia promises to advocate for high quality, patient-centred chiropractic care for the benefit of the community; a role that is currently vacant in Australia. I support Chiropractic Australia’s efforts, congratulate them for identifying the need and wish them success in their important work.”

Dr Michael Swain

“I believe this is a good direction to go. Congratulations.”

Dr Scott Haldemann DC, MD PhD