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Our membership fees demonstrate that we are offering excellent value for money. We can keep our fees low because our Directors are volunteers and the focus is on running a lean, effective advocacy operation. There are no director stipends, no extravagant board dinners, no business class airfares. We value honesty, integrity, ethics, accountability, and remaining true to our vision.

Our focus is on protecting and advancing the interests of all Australian Chiropractors and to operate purely for the benefit of our members.

Chiropractic Australia intends to effectively advocate on behalf of our profession to government, the media and the public.

Chiropractic Australia will embrace the broad spectrum of excellent work that chiropractors provide every day to hundreds of thousands of patients across Australia.

Chiropractic Australia is also well placed to assist members in two key areas that are essential to our profession – Professional Indemnity insurance and Continuing Professional Development.

In partnership with AON, we can offer our members highly competitive Professional Indemnity insurance cover and we offer a comprehensive range of online CPD programs. Furthermore, members enjoy significant discounts on the costs associated with both insurance and CPD products.

Membership fees for Chiropractic Australia are as follows:

  • Full Membership – $645 plus once only joining fee of $115 inc. GST
  • Affiliate Membership – $329.00 plus once only joining fee of $40 inc. GST
  • First Year Membership – $295 inc. GST with no joining fee
  • Academic Membership – Free of charge
  • Non-Practising Membership – $50 inc. GST with no joining fee
  • Student Membership – Free
  • Associate Membership – $560 inc. GST with no joining fee
  • Associate Membership (Part Time) – $325 inc. GST with no joining fee
  • Strong political and media representation
  • Vocational advocacy and support
  • Inter-professional advocacy
  • Confidence in knowing you are a member of an organisation that will represent you and the chiropractic profession to make Australian chiropractors recognised as non-surgical spine and musculoskeletal experts
  • Extremely competitive high quality Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance through AON
  • Access to an extensive range of Online CPD programs with discounted rates for members.
  • International affiliation with the Royal College of Chiropractors in the UK and access to the world renowned CPiRLS adverse event reporting system
  • Discounts on Red Cross First Aid Training
  • Nissan Fleet discounts
  • Car Hire discounts
  • Business support services
  • Free clinical audit

No. Chiropractic Australia is a separate organisation established as a separate not-for-profit company. Chiropractic Australia will operate differently. It will be more practice focused and support special interest groups and play a strong role in advocating chiropractic to government and the media. These are activities in which COCA was not active.

Chiropractic Australia will operate in association with Chiropractic Australia Professional Development to provide continuing education for chiropractors and also with Chiropractic Australia Research Foundation to promote and fund research to benefit the whole of the profession.

We have plans for advocating on behalf of Australia’s chiropractors to Federal and State ministers, especially in the areas of health and education to establish chiropractic as a recognised and accepted stakeholder in Australia’s healthcare system.

Chiropractic Australia will also lobby and advocate for stronger inter-professional relationships with other registered health professions. We will interact frequently with the media, being pro-active with positive content, rather than only reacting to negative press.

This is about a fresh start. This is our opportunity to put the failures and frustrations of the past behind us and to unite to effectively advocate for our profession to government, the media and the public.

Chiropractic Australia is for all chiropractors as now is the time for a new body to bring all chiropractors together and to take the profession forward.

Chiropractic Australia will embrace the broad spectrum of excellent work that chiropractors across the country provide every day to hundreds of thousands of patients. We will actively promote evidence-based practice, directly support research that benefits the profession and speak out against dubious practices and techniques where there is clear evidence that there are more effective and safer alternatives. That means we will advocate strongly for what is probably over 95% of chiropractic procedures.

In a short time Chiropractic Australia will be seen by various groups within the health industry as the modern and responsible voice of the chiropractic profession. By working with other professional groups we will help break down barriers and push chiropractors forward as valuable members of the health care team. There will always be detractors – but we will not make their jobs easy.

First years in practice can be difficult. Our fee structure is very reasonable with significant discounts for new graduates. Our insurance products are geared to the chiropractic profession and are safe, affordable and of high quality. We have also placed a high priority in supporting inter-professional development as new graduates are ideally placed to become involved in these collaborations.

Yes we do. Our policy statements cover important and controversial areas of practice. These statements provide guidance to members, and tell the government and the media where we stand. Our policies define who we are and what we support. It is important that we adopt a responsive and flexible approach to policy development and revision and we would expect that our policies will evolve as our health care system evolves and as new research better informs our profession. Our policy statements are publically available on our website.

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