Chiropractic Australia

For Chiropractic Students

Regardless of whether you are just starting out on your first year of study or heading toward graduation and the beginning of your career as a chiropractor, CA recognises that you are the Spinal Health & Musculoskeletal Experts of the future.

As such we are here to support you, initially with FREE membership while you are studying to become a chiropractor and also through information sessions, webinars and events that are tailored specifically for students.

We also provide financial support in the form of prizes for chiropractic students at all Australian universities and to assist Australian chiropractic student representatives to attend the annual World Congress of Chiropractic Students which is an international forum representing the global chiropractic student population.

CA is committed to promoting and supporting evidence-based chiropractic care, inter-professional cooperation and high quality, patient-focused care, and through our related research fund, the Chiropractic Australia Research Foundation, we provide funding for research projects and PhD scholarships which directly support the profession and the knowledge base within it.

As a member of the chiropractic profession you can look forward to a rich and rewarding career with opportunities to work in private practice, in teaching or in research and regardless of the direction you take Chiropractic Australia is the organisation you can depend on for support.

We welcome your feedback and questions via the Contact Form.

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