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In June 2019 Chiropractic Australia made a submission to the Safer Care Victoria review panel regarding chiropractic spinal manipulation on children under the age of 12 years.

This is the  full submission: Safer Care Victoria Submission Key points  included:

  • In the care of children, chiropractors use many different therapeutic approaches; not just manipulation.
  • While spinal manipulation may be employed, other therapies are used more often.
  • Chiropractors in Australia provide thousands of paediatric consultations each day.
  • The safety record of chiropractic treatment for children and infants is exceptionally strong.
  • In the last 50 years internationally, only 15 paediatric cases of serious injury after manipulation have been reported; 7 of those following chiropractic. This over a background of many millions of treatments rendered.
  • The best, most recent evidence shows that chiropractic treatment can be useful in the treatment of some non-musculoskeletal conditions including infantile colic and headache.
  • The usual indication for chiropractic care remains primary musculoskeletal problems although chiropractic can be useful as supportive care for children with secondary MSK problems, such as those associated with asthma.
  • The restriction of a therapy on the basis of age is not scientifically valid or defensible.
  • If the Commission seeks to limit the use of manipulation it must do so for all the health professions who use joint manipulation, not just chiropractic.
  • Chiropractic paediatric care should be developed into an endorsed area of practice, with recognised advanced training options.
  • Research funds should be made available for investigations into the benefits of manual therapy for infants and children.
  • Promotional testimonial videos of treatment should be banned.
  • Tougher penalties should be in place for health professionals who breach AHPRA guidelines and the Code of Conduct in the area of paediatrics.


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