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About SpineOnline 2020

Enjoy the convenience of online learning and hear from some of the top researchers in the musculoskeletal health space during SpineOnline 2020.

A joint venture between Chiropractic Australia (CA) and the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA), SpineOnline 2020 will be delivered via an online platform from Monday 15th through to Saturday 20th June, 2020.

SpineOnline 2020 is the redeveloped chiropractic stream that was intended to be presented at the now cancelled SpineWeek event in Melbourne in late April.

However, as both CA and the ACA had dedicated many hours to the development of this stream, the organising committee were determined to continue with an adapted and locally managed event in an online format.

SpineOnline 2020 incorporates many of the session and speakers from the SpineWeek chiropractic stream and will be presented in daily sessions throughout the week beginning Monday 15th June.

Registration for SpineOnline 2020 is now open  and is Free for members of CA  and the ACA while for non-members the cost is $150.00

CA Members register here

ACA Members and non-members can register here

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