Guidelines: Chiropractic

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Commentary: we can tell where it hurts, but can we tell where the pain is coming from or where we should manipulate?

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Do choosing wisely recommendations about low-value care target income-generating treatments provided by members? A content analysis of 1293 recommendations.

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Guideline Document Here

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Guideline for Reporting Interventions on Spinal Manipulative Therapy: Consensus on Interventions Reporting Criteria List for Spinal Manipulative Therapy (CIRCLe SMT)

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Guideline implementation in the Canadian chiropractic setting: a pilot cluster randomized controlled trial and parallel study

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Impact of imaging guidelines on X-ray use among American provider network chiropractors: interrupted time series analysis.

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Rehabilitation the health strategy of the 21st century, really?

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The Global Spine Care Initiative: a summary of guidelines on invasive interventions for the management of persistent and disabling spinal pain in low- and middle-income communities.

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The Global Spine Care Initiative: applying evidence-based guidelines on the non-invasive management of back and neck pain to low- and middle-income communities.

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The quality of rehabilitation Clinical Practice Guidelines: An overview study of AGREE II appraisals

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Tracking low back problems in a major self-insured workforce: toward improvement in the patient’s journey.

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