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Anatomic Study of Superior Cluneal Nerves: Application to Low Back Pain and Surgical Approaches to Lumbar Vertebrae

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Compressing the lumbar nerve root changes the frequency-associated cerebral amplitude of fluctuations in patients with low back/leg pain.

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Diminished kinesthetic and visual motor imagery ability in adults with chronic low back pain

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Diminished Kinesthetic and Visual Motor Imagery Ability in Adults With Chronic Low Back Pain.

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Lower-limb muscle strength: normative data from an observational population-based study.

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Perception of verticality is altered in people with severe chronic low back pain compared to healthy controls: A cross-sectional study

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Sensory symptoms in low back pain – how do they matter?

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Sudden gait perturbations elicit sex-specific neuromuscular trunk responses in persons with low back pain.

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Topographic mapping of pain sensitivity of the lower back – a comparison of healthy controls and patients with chronic non-specific low back pain.

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