Orthopaedic Testing

Orthopaedic Examination Videos

Each animated video clearly explains and shows each test, what it is looking for and how to perform the test. This is a superb resource for students, educators and practitioners and we thank Continuing Professional Development Online for making them freely available to the profession. The Link to the video library is here: https://www.cpdo.com.au/mod/page/view.php?id=56

Orthopaedic Examination Videos For Health Practitioners, Students and Educators

“Educators are welcome to use these resources by either displaying them in the classroom or by directing students to them. In each case, access to the videos must take place via this website ( www.cpdo.com.au ).

Orthopaedic Examination Videos For Health Practitioners, Students and Educators

As these are copyrighted materials, any use requires that CPDO – Continuing Professional Development Online and the website ( www.cpdo.com.au ) be acknowledged as the producer and owner of the videos.”

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