Patient Communication

Achieving successful community engagement: a rapid realist review

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Contextually Aided Recovery (CARe): a scientific theory for innate healing

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Do You Have Discharge Criteria?

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Easy to Harm, Hard to Heal: Patient Views About the Back.

Effectiveness of Training Clinicians’ Communication Skills on Patients’ Clinical Outcomes: A Systematic Review

Empathy Predicts an Experimental Pain Reduction During Touch.

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It is good to feel better, but better to feel good: whether a patient finds treatment ‘successful’ or not depends on the questions researchers ask.

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Motivating the unmotivated: how can health behavior be changed in those unwilling to change?

Narrative Medicine: A Model for Empathy, Reflection, Profession, and Trust

Neuropathic Ocular Pain due to Dry Eye Is Associated With Multiple Comorbid Chronic Pain Syndromes.

Nociception, pain, consciousness, and society: A plea for constrained use of pain-related terminologies.

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The Enduring Impact of What Clinicians Say to People With Low Back Pain

The Iatrogenic Potential of the Physician’s Words

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The influence of verbal suggestions in the management of musculoskeletal pain: a narrative review

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