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Does chiropractic truly understand research?

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ECU convention 2017 research presentations

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It is time to replace publish or perish with get visible or vanish: opportunities where digital and social media can reshape knowledge translation

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New evidence pyramid

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Retention of Blinding at Follow-Up in a Randomized Clinical Study Using a Sham-Control Cervical Manipulation Procedure for Neck Pain: Secondary Analyses From a Randomized Clinical Study

Size does matter, but it isn’t everything: the challenge of modest treatment effects in chronic pain clinical trials

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Specifying the target difference in the primary outcome for a randomised controlled trial: guidance for researchers

Subjects no more: what happens when trial participants realize they hold the power?

Systematic reviews of meta‐analyses: applications and limitations

The blind leading the not so blind: a meta-analysis of blinding in pharmacological trials for chronic pain.

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The growth and increase of the number of journals focusing on Spine: a scientific blessing?

The n-of-1 clinical trial: the ultimate strategy for individualizing medicine?

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Time to rethink the systematic review catechism? Moving from ‘what works’ to ‘what happens’

Top 100 Cited Articles on Back Pain Research: A Citation Analysis.

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Validation of a novel sham cervical manipulation procedure

Why clinical trial outcomes fail to translate into benefits for patients

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Why Most Clinical Research Is Not Useful

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