How The Journal Club Works

How The Journal Club Works The Chiropractic Australia Journal Club has been established to allow busy clinicians convenient access to the latest research.
  • The Journal Club comprises 163 folders containing approximately 4000 research articles taken primarily from the last 5 years along with some earlier key research.
  • The folders are arranged alphabetically by subject.
  • The articles in each folder are sorted from newest to oldest (top to bottom). The most recent articles initially appear in the “Latest Research” folder which will be added to every 2 weeks on the 1st and 15th of each month while the older articles will be sorted into the relevant folders.
  • As we add new articles they will be sorted into the folders.
  • The Archive will grow and evolve over time with the help of members.
  • Our profession needs to develop a research based culture and the Chiropractic Australia Journal Club is here to facilitate that with a simple and convenient process for accessing the available research.


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