Sports Injuries

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Cricket fast bowling workload patterns as risk factors for tendon, muscle, bone and joint injuries  Tendon neuroplastic training: changing the way we think about tendon rehabilitation: a narrative review  Systematic Review of Prognosis and Return to Play After Sport Concussion: Results of the International Collaboration on Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Prognosis  Eccentric training for prevention of hamstring injuries may depend on intervention compliance: a systematic review and meta-analysis  The Epidemiology of Injuries in Mixed Martial Arts: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Screening for lifetime concussion in athletes: importance of oculomotor measures.   MRI findings in the lumbar spines of asymptomatic elite junior tennis players. Tendons – time to revisit inflammation   Sport-specific biomechanics of spinal injuries in aesthetic athletes (dancers, gymnasts, and figure skaters).   Sport-specific biomechanics of spinal injuries in the athlete (throwing athletes, rotational sports, and contact-collision sports).  Bad Golf Swing Can Be Rough on the Body Biomechanic Study of Pro / Duffer Golf Swings Reveals the Aches and Pains That May Follow Poor Golf Technique   Rehabilitation of the spine following sports injury.   Hamstring injury occurrence in elite soccer players after preseason strength training with eccentric overload.


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