Latest News Tag: education

Latest News Tag: education

New GEN-C Module Released

Our latest learning module has just been added to GEN-C Online Learning Platform titled Dizziness Differential Diagnosis – Clues From the Patient History and Exam, presented by Dr Carlo Rinaudo Chiropractor – Neuro-Rehabilitation PhD BMedSci(Hons) MChiro ICSSD DACNB. Dizziness, poor balance and vertigo are very common symptoms that present to a chiropractor’s office. Their causes can be varied and often difficult to identify, ranging the from cervical spine, inner ear, brain as well as anxiety and medication. Imaging and traditional examination is also often insufficient in helping define the aetiology.

Changing the Way We See PD

As a featured guest at the 2021 Chiropractic Australia Summit Online, Dr Andrew Vitiello delivered a timely and insightful presentation about overcoming internal and external roadblocks that can arise throughout the CPD process. Dr Vitiello shared a number of key insights into how to avoid overwhelm and uncertainty on the learning journey, as well as how to apply a metacognitive approach to shifting our perspective to see CPD as an exciting and transformative opportunity to grow; rather than merely a necessary obligation to fulfill our requirements as registered healthcare professionals.

Update from the Chiropractic Board of Australia

With registration renewal process opening shortly for chiropractors, Chiropractic Board of Australia Chair – Dr Wayne Minter AM – has provided a summary of key topics and guidance regarding the annual requirements; from covid-safe CPD opportunites, to first-aid training, financial hardship and compliance with advertising regulations. At renewal, you will be asked important questions about how you are meeting the Board’s registration standards including criminal history, professional indemnity insurance, recency of practice and continuing professional development.

Top 5 cyber insurance myths debunked

Top 5 cyber insurance myths debunked Cyber-attacks and cybercrime have been a hot topic for the last few years. Every week there’ s a new update on cyber risks to business, the likelihood of an attack and big news stories such as WannaCry, Red Cross and Ashley Maddison. At Aon, we know that claims are on the rise, and we all know that Data Breach Notification Laws are here to stay.

But what is the actual risk to you? And if you are a small business do you really need insurance?

We tackle a few common cyber insurance myths and present some local cases and statistics that may help you decide if the risk is worth the cost.

Chiropractic Australia’s Early Career Practitioner Network

Recognising the need to support the transition of recent graduates into practice, Chiropractic Australia has developed The Early Practitioners’ Network; a supportive network of peers to foster links between those just starting out in Chiropractic and those with years of experience in the field. Kicking off with a webinar that was held on 25th March 2021, which covered business and legal fundamentals for joining and/or running a Chiropractic clinic, we are proud to announce that this is just the first of many Early Practitioners’ Network events to come.

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