20/21 Annual Report

20/21 Annual Report

20/21 Annual Report

Driven by a focus on digitalisation and adaptability, the 2020-2021 period has been a time of transformation for Chiropractic Australia in working to modernise our internal processes, governance structure, representative position and service offering to better meet the growing needs of our members into 2022 and beyond.

Whilst paying homage to the rich history of our organisation, and COCA’s well-established foundation in clinical research, our leadership and staff teams have collectively embraced the need for change in becoming a peak body that truly encompasses best-practice across all areas of operation.

“The inceptive success of this organisation-wide initiative is reflective of the support and endorsement received by members and the ratification of our new constitution following October’s AGM, and we thank the recently-welcomed Chiropractic Australia President, Dr Dale Comrie, and Vice-President, Dr Andrew Vitiello, for their guidance and leadership throughout this transitional period.”

Chiropractic Australia CEO, Matthew Monaghan

You can read the Chiropractic Australia Annual Report here and learn more about the many successes we have had – as a team, association and chiropractic community – throughout 20/21 and the tangible progress we have made in realising our vision as outlined in our 2021-2024 Strategic Plan.

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