Our Response to Mandatory Vaccinations

Our Response to Mandatory Vaccinations

Our Response to Mandatory Vaccinations

As an evidence-based organisation, representing over 1400 members in the allied health sector nationally, the safety and well-being of all chiropractic professionals – and the patients they provide care for – is our preeminent priority.

Chiropractic Australia endorses the Australian Government’s policy and position on vaccinations as a simple, safe and effective way of protecting people against preventable and infectious diseases.

With regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, this support is underpinned by the substantial and growing body of evidence that demonstrates the efficacy of the currently available vaccines – Pfizer and AstraZeneca – in reducing disease spread, chance of complications and covid-related burden on hospitals, medical workers and the broader healthcare system.

Under normal circumstances, Chiropractic Australia respects the voluntary nature of vaccination as a medical intervention and the individual right to informed choice, however – in the exceptional case of a global health crisis – registered chiropractors have a special responsibility to themselves, their patients, and the public at large, in the prevention and control of COVID-19 as primary contact care providers.

Given the scope, severity and scale of COVID-19 outbreaks across Australia, and provision of attendant emergency powers to respective states and territories, we support the regional public health orders and data-informed suppression strategy in addressing the pandemic; including the introduction of mandatory vaccinations for chiropractic practitioners across Tasmania and some local government areas of concern in New South Wales (excepting those clinicians who work exclusively in private practice).

We acknowledge that this is a complex issue and recognise the significance of these mandates for many of our members working in public-entity controlled settings, including hospitals and aged care facilities. However, after careful collective consideration, the Chiropractic Australia board stands in steadfast support of these necessary measures – and the evidence that underpins them – in protecting those most vulnerable and the broader community from COVID-19.
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