Chiropractic Australia’s Early Career Practitioner Network

Making the leap from student to practitioner brings with it many challenges, not least of these is understanding the types of employment opportunities that may be offered to recent graduates. Recognising the need to support the transition of recent graduates into practice, Chiropractic Australia has developed The Early Practitioners’ Network; a supportive network of peers to foster links between those just starting out in Chiropractic and those with years of experience in the field.

Kicking off with a webinar that was held on 25th March 2021 facilitated by Chiropractic Australia’s Peter Werth, John Campigli and Jessica Bravo, this session focussed on the business and legal issues faced in the early period of chiropractic careers; from first associateship positions, to moving into a partnership or commencing your own practice. Given the myriad business and legal issues that you will potentially need to address as you start on your path into professional Chiropractic, this webinar was developed to help you navigate the way and make your move into clinical practice as smooth as possible.

As part of our broader program of Early Career Practitioner Network events, the Business & Legal webinar was just the first of many to come and we are excited to be announcing a series of new webinars – focusing on the issues encountered by those just beginning their careers in Chiropractic – as well facilitating informal, inter-professional mentorship opportunities in the very near future; stay tuned.
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As a featured guest at the 2021 Chiropractic Australia Summit Online, Dr Andrew Vitiello delivered a timely and insightful presentation about overcoming internal and external roadblocks that can arise throughout the CPD process. Dr Vitiello shared a number of key insights into how to avoid overwhelm and uncertainty on the learning journey, as well as how to apply a metacognitive approach to shifting our perspective to see CPD as an exciting and transformative opportunity to grow; rather than merely a necessary obligation to fulfill our requirements as registered healthcare professionals.
After graduating from RMIT University in 1994, Dale spent three months at the Royal Saskatoon Hospital, Saskatchewan, Canada before returning to Australia in 1995, Dale commenced work as an associate at the Heidelberg Chiropractic Clinic and took over as principal in 2000. Dale’s practice focuses on general chiropractic practice and incorporating evidence-based practice with low tech rehabilitation. Through his position on the Chiropractic Australia board, Dale has been integral in the development of compliance issues for chiropractors and their clinics across Victoria.
With registration renewal process opening shortly for chiropractors, Chiropractic Board of Australia Chair – Dr Wayne Minter AM – has provided a summary of key topics and guidance regarding the annual requirements; from covid-safe CPD opportunites, to first-aid training, financial hardship and compliance with advertising regulations. At renewal, you will be asked important questions about how you are meeting the Board’s registration standards including criminal history, professional indemnity insurance, recency of practice and continuing professional development.

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