Welcome to the newly formed Chiropractic Australia’s Early Career Practitioner Network

Making the leap from student to practitioner brings with it many challenges, not least of these is understanding the types of employment opportunities that may be offered to recent graduates. Recognising the need to support the transition of recent graduates into practice, Chiropractic Australia has developed The Early Practitioners’ Network; a supportive network of peers to foster links between those just starting out in Chiropractic and those with years of experience in the field.

Kicking off with a webinar that was held on 25th March 2021 facilitated by Chiropractic Australia’s Peter Werth, John Campigli and Jessica Bravo, this session focussed on the business and legal issues faced in the early period of chiropractic careers; from first associateship positions, to moving into a partnership or commencing your own practice. Given the myriad business and legal issues that you will potentially need to address as you start on your path into professional Chiropractic, this webinar was developed to help you navigate the way and make your move into clinical practice as smooth as possible.

As part of our broader program of Early Career Practitioner Network events, the Business & Legal webinar was just the first of many to come and we are excited to be announcing a series of new webinars – focusing on the issues encountered by those just beginning their careers in Chiropractic – as well facilitating informal, inter-professional mentorship opportunities in the very near future; stay tuned.
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As part of a broader funding initiative to support innovative research into back pain, hearing, vision, dementia and cancer immunotherapy, Minister for Health and Aged Care – The Hon Greg Hunt MP – awarded over $5.3 million dollars to support three new projects undertaken by the outstanding researchers moving the needle of enquiry in these respective fields. We would like to congratulate all of the researchers from Macquarie University who were successful in receiving these grants, including two members of our Chiropractic Australia Research Foundation Board; Professor Simon French & Dr Katie De Luca.
WorkSafe’s WorkWell Program supports workplace leaders to prevent mental injury and promote safe and mentally healthy workplaces, taking an evidence-based approach to positive system-level change. Championing workplace leaders and employers as change makers, Workwell provides access to opportunities for knowledge sharing, funding and resources – known as the ‘Learning Networks’, the ‘Mental Health Improvement Fund’ and the ‘Toolkit’ respectively. We are proud to support the WorkWell initiative and it’s evidence-based approach to creating safe and mentally healthy workplaces in Victoria.
Our 2020 PhD Scholarship participant Simon Vella is a chiropractor, PhD research candidate and casual tutor in the Department of Chiropractic at Macquarie University. Simon completed his Master of Research Program through Macquarie University on lumbopelvic and lower limb biomechanics in 2020. He is currently a PhD candidate focusing on emergency and paramedic healthcare for low back pain through the Institute for Musculoskeletal Health at The University of Sydney. “I became a chiropractor to help people and promote the active care paradigm which promotes progress…”

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