Get Practice ready with Chiropractic Australia

Get Practice ready with Chiropractic Australia

Get Practice ready with Chiropractic Australia

1st Year Chiropractic Membership


Chiropractic Australia (CA) is committed to support the next generation of evidence-based chiropractors who are transitioning from the student clinic to professional practice

AHPRA registration is required before you start practising and professional indemnity insurance, as until now, your university has covered you. CA also recommends that practitioners complete Chiropractic Australia Risk Management Program, which will qualify you for further savings on your AON insurance (Professional Indemnity Insurance).


CA offers the most competitive pricing for 1st Year Graduate Membership and this membership will give you access to a range of resources to help you transition to practice including the latest research, clinical support, and the opportunity to contribute to the future of chiropractic policy and advocacy.


As a CA “first year chiropractor” member, you will receive:


  • 18 months CA membership for only $295 (6 months free)

  • Full access to the Global Education Network for Chiropractors (GEN-C) for 12 months

  • Competitive savings through AON Insurance and 2 bonus months (pay for 12 months and receive 14 months)

  • Tiered annual membership for the first four years of professional practice

  • Access to all CA member benefits.


Contact or phone 1300 767 348 for more information. To join Chiropractic Australia click the link below.

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