Meet A Member | Dr Joshua Steen

Meet A Member | Dr Joshua Steen

Meet A Member | Dr Joshua Steen

Practitioner – Nundah Family Chiropractic and Narangba Chiropractic Brisbane Qld
Chiropractic Australia member since 2021

A graduate of the Central Queensland University in Brisbane, Joshua completed his Bachelor of Chiropractic and Masters of Clinical Chiropractic in 2019. 

Over the past few years, Joshua has developed a strong interest in human movement which contributed to his passion for incorporating a multi-disciplinary approach to treating patient’s injuries. 

Joshua uses a range of therapies and is passionate about continuing his professional development to constantly enhance his techniques and practice for the benefit of his patients.

 In his spare time, Josh is an avid sports fan and martial artist, and is a member of the 501st Legion, a Star Wars costuming group that raises funds for charity.

If you weren’t a chiropractor, what would you have been?

When I was about to graduate high school, I thought I might like to be an Air Force pilot, and strongly considered joining up. I loved Star Wars, and being a pilot is the closest thing you can be to an X-Wing pilot. After speaking with some friends who were exploring the idea of entering the Air Force, the commitment of a 14-year defence contract seemed a bit of a stretch to my 17-year-old self. The huge commitment to the Air Force as a youngster seemed a little daunting, and thankfully I went down the path of chiropractic instead.

What does chiropractic Australia mean to you?

I became a member partly due to the benefits of the connection with insurance provider Aon. Being a member of an evidence-based group of chiropractors that share similar values is one of the great benefits of Chiropractic Australia.The organisation shares my values as a chiropractor and knowing that there are other chiropractors out there that want to explore evidence-based practice really connects with me and my passion for practice.I want to focus on evidence-based care that is best for the patient as well as a enjoy the safety net that being a professional organisation provides.

If you could go back to when you were younger and studying to be a chiropractor, what would you tell yourself?

I did my 1st year at RMIT and then transferred to CQ University in Brisbane when CQ University started their chiropractic course so I could be closer to family.Studying at RMIT opened my mind to the wide range of options of care available, and as I started to develop my own shoulder issues in my 3rd or 4th year of study, I explored alternative ways to practice chiropractic as opposed to traditional chiro.If I were to go back and share advice to me as a student, I would encourage myself to explore the extensive range of avenues chiropractic can take students and be sure to investigate everything before focusing on a specific area of study.

Do you have any advice for new chiropractors currently studying or starting out in practice?

My advice for new chiropractors or students studying chiro, would be the importance of observing chiropractors at their clinics. Chiros are more than happy for students to shadow them and learn the ropes – you just need to ask.I feel that had I taken the opportunity to shadow more chiropractors and observe a wide range of chiropractors in their practice, I might have found my niche and passion for my chosen speciality a little earlier.A lot of chiros say that much of the diagnosis is in the history taking and this I believe is 100% true, focusing on this can be helpful. As I have gotten further into my career, I have been able to focus more on history and this has made it a lot easier to diagnose patients.

Where is an interesting place chiropractic has taken you?

I was lucky enough to visit a range of international cities as part of the World Congress of Chiropractic Students including Atlanta, Paris, and San Francisco.The world of chiropractic has taken me across the globe, and I have developed some lifelong friendships with chiropractors around the world.  As well as the social aspect, the experience has also allowed me to explore and enhance my practice and investigate chiropractic care in a range of other countries.

“Community is important to me because..”

As humans, we crave a place to feel like we belong, we are social creatures and we need other people – chiropractic can contribute to that feeling of belonging. I consider many of my patients my friends, while I keep professional boundaries, I know intimate details about their lives and issues. I am not just a physical therapist; we are the health professional’s version of a bartender. We are much more than a chiro…we take care of our patients in a holistic way.

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