President’s Message – September 2021

President’s Message – September 2021

President’s Message – September 2021

The exciting operational developments made throughout 2020 and 2021, as well as those forthcoming, are unpinned by the updating of our constitution and governance structure – in line with best-practice benchmarks – to ensure the bright future of Chiropractic Australia rests upon a robust organisational footing.

As is the case for every long-standing organisation with an enduring commitment to resilience and relevance, it is necessary to periodically review, recalibrate and reinvigorate strategic direction; and Chiropractic Australia is no different. Outlined in our 2021/2024 Strategic Plan, we have embraced the need for change and myriad of opportunities before us to ensure the continued legacy of member service and support that has been synonymous with our association for the last 27 years. Reflecting the strategic pillars that form the foundation of our renewed organisational direction, this year has – already – seen the successful implementation of several initiatives that have redefined how we connect, engage, advance and sustain all constituents of our national membership and broader profession.

With particular reference to the latter pillar, we have undertaken a series of significant steps in recent months to modernise the portfolio structure, systems, infrastructure and business practices behind Chiropractic Australia. A key step in this process to safeguard the ongoing sustainability of Chiropractic Australia – and the professional stewardship we exist to deliver – is the updating of the constitution; and the board therefore seeks the endorsement and adoption of a major rewrite of this vitally important document and future-focussed review of the current governance structure.

A series of Q&A sessions with both myself and Chief Executive Officer – Matthew Monaghan – are scheduled during the month of September to provide members with an opportunity to seek clarity on any of the proposed changes. An electronic version of the Q & A document will also be made available via the Chiropractic Australia website, and I encourage all members to join us for one of these sessions and share your valued input.

Finally, I would also like invite all members to register for and attend the upcoming Chiropractic Australia Annual General Meeting, to be held on 30 September 2021, and be a part of this great opportunity to contribute to the future direction of Chiropractic Australia and to glean further operational insights from the board and leadership team.

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As the peak national organisation & recognised voice for allied health professions in Australia, (AHPA) has an important strategic leadership role & is the body that the Federal Government & other national organisations turn to when they seek a collective view of allied health. As of November 30th 2021, CA has officially been inducted as a valued member of AHPA, joining the 23 other allied health peak bodies that comprise the AHPA membership. This is a significant development for CA & our members & we remain committed to driving the chiropractic profession forward.
Earlier this week, the CA CEO, President, & Clinical Lead & Policy Advisor met with the Chief Allied Health Officer Dr Anne-Marie Boxall & senior departmental staff to discuss key strategic priorities, the role of allied health in the broader healthcare landscape and solutions offered by primary care for improving patient outcomes across Australia. Encouraged by Dr Boxall’s commitment to bringing together allied health professions and practitioners, CA looks forward to continuing this positive dialogue.
A graduate of the CQU in Brisbane, Dr Joshua Steen completed his Bachelor of Chiropractic and Masters of Clinical Chiropractic in 2019. Over the past few years of clinical practice in Brisbane, Joshua has developed a strong interest in human movement which has contributed to his passion for incorporating a multi-disciplinary approach to treating patient’s injuries. Joshua uses a range of therapies and is passionate about continuing his professional development to constantly enhance his techniques and practice for the benefit of his patients.

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