Update from the Chiropractic Board of Australia

Update from the Chiropractic Board of Australia

Update from the Chiropractic Board of Australia

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an important way for chiropractors to maintain and improve knowledge and skills.  CPD helps to maintain competence and supports safe and effective care.

The Board expects you to make reasonable efforts to complete CPD and there are many flexible delivery and COVID safe options including interactive CPD which can be completed virtually.  Did you know that COVID-related learning activities can be counted towards your CPD?

Examples of COVD-safe CPD options include:

  • online learning such as webinars and conferences and internet research
  • written reflections on experience in day-to-day clinical practice
  • reading books, publications and journals relevant to your practice
  • quality assurance activities, such as accreditation, clinical audits or review of records, and
  • professional or interprofessional interactions such as meetings, case reviews, and clinical forums which can be undertaken online.


We understand that some chiropractors may still have had trouble fully meeting CPD particularly any face to face requirements of CPD due to the impacts of COVID-19.  When completing your registration renewal, you should answer all questions honestly and accurately. If you declare at the 2021 renewal that you have not met the standard due to COVID-19 the Board may request evidence in future of what you have done to address any identified gaps in your CPD learning needs, as COVID safe options increasingly become available and/or restrictions are eased.

First aid requirement (CPR)

Many training organisations are offering online programs that meet the training requirements for CPR and First Aid.  If any component of your training is not current, we encourage you to undertake the training as soon as practicable. You can continue to practise in the meantime.  You will be expected to fully meet this requirement when renewing in 2022.

Further guidance on the Board’s CPD requirements can be found on the CBA website.

Advertising – tips for practitioners

All registered health practitioners who advertise, including chiropractors, are responsible for their advertising. When you advertise consider the following tips:

  • Think about your advertising from a patient’s point of view – could it be misleading; does it tell them everything they need to know; or could it create unrealistic expectations of treatment?
  • If the evidence is too weak to support advertising of a therapeutic claim, leave it out.
  • Including a lot of complicated information can be confusing for patients. Remember, you can explain more about the treatment in a consultation.
  • Be careful about publishing content copied from somewhere else – make sure you check it first. You are responsible for what you publish, even if someone else wrote it. 

Obligations in the public health setting

The Board strongly encourages you to have the full Covid-19 vaccination course as scheduled unless medically contraindicated.  This is consistent with the Boards expectations, as set out in the Code of conduct, that chiropractors have a responsibility to participate in efforts to promote the health of communities and meet obligations with respect to disease prevention including vaccination, health screening and the reporting of notifiable diseases.

Further information is available in the Position Statement: Registered health practitioners and students and COVID-19 vaccination.

The Board’s Statement on the provision of health information states that advice about vaccination is not typically in the usual area of practice or competency for a chiropractor. Chiropractors should not display, promote or provide materials, information or advice that is anti-vaccination in nature and/or should not make public comment discouraging vaccination.

A chiropractor has recently been suspended for six months for professional misconduct for promoting antivaccination material.  You can read more here

Registration renewal will shortly open for chiropractors.  The Chiropractic Board of Australia (the Board) recognises that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected people in several ways, including financial hardship.  “We know that this has been a difficult time for everyone and for some even more so as they deal with the financial impact of COVID-19” said Dr Wayne Minter AM, Chair of the Board.  Information for practitioners experiencing financial hardship is available here

At renewal, you will be asked important questions about how you are meeting the Board’s registration standards including criminal history, professional indemnity insurance, recency of practice and continuing professional development.  You will also be asked to declare you are complying with the advertising requirements of the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (the National Law),

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