Our Board

Chiropractic Australia is governed by a board of 6 highly-qualified Directors, providing leadership, stewardship and advisement regarding emerging professional matters.

Our Board

Chiropractic Australia is governed by a board of 6 highly-qualified Directors, providing leadership, stewardship and advisement regarding emerging professional matters.

Dr Dale Comrie


President, Chiropractic Australia​​​​

Dr Comrie graduated from RMIT University in 1994. He spent 3 months following his graduation at the Royal Saskatoon Hospital, Saskatchewan, Canada observing David Cassidy, Pierre Cote, and medical specialists at the hospital. After relocating to Australia, he commenced work in 1995 as an associate at the Heidelberg Chiropractic Clinic and took over as principal in 2000. Dr Comrie’s practice focuses on general chiropractic practice and his methodology comprises incorporating evidence-based practice with low tech rehabilitation. A founding Board member, Dr Comrie became the President of Chiropractic Australia in October 2021, having previously held the positions of Secretary and President of the Chiropractic & Osteopathic College of Australasia after joining the Board in 1997. In 2018, he was awarded Life Membership to Chiropractic Australia in recognition of his significant and ongoing contribution to both organisations.

Dr Andrew Vitiello

BSc(Anat), MChiro, PhD, FRCCc​

Vice President, Chiropractic Australia

Dr Vitiello is a chiropractor and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences at Central Queensland University (CQU). In 2010 he completed his PhD at Macquarie University investigating the effects of school backpack design on muscular fatigue and perceived exertion in school children. His backpack design was also an Australian Design Awards finalist. Dr Vitiello is currently on the low risk ethics board and a member of the College of Health Sciences course committee at CQU as well as a primary supervisor for two PhD candidates and four Master of Research (MRes) candidates at CQU. In 2009 he was admitted as a Fellow to the Royal College of Chiropractors.

Adjunct Professor Rod Bonello​

Rod Bonello currently holds an adjunct position in the College of Science, Health, Engineering and Education, Murdoch University. Formerly the Head of Department and founder of Chiropractic studies at Macquarie University, he graduated from Sydney University in 1979 with a Bachelor degree majoring in Anatomy, the Sydney College of Chiropractic in 1981 with the Doctor of Chiropractic diploma, and then the University of New South Wales in 1988 with a Masters degree in Health Administration. He holds two fellowships, one with the Royal College of Chiropractors (UK) and the other with the international College of Chiropractors (USA). The founding President of Chiropractic Australia, Professor Bonello has a research interest in injury management – publishing over 70 papers – and is sought after medicolegal consultant.

Dr John Kaloger​​

DC, DipAcup, DO
Dr Kaloger is a registered Osteopath, Chiropractor and Acupuncturist. His practice involves managing musculoskeletal conditions through a multimodal approach using osteopathic, chiropractic and acupuncture techniques. Dr Kaloger has developed a special interest in treating and managing sports injuries in order to provide patients with knowledge on self-management programs. His focus on evidence-based research in the area of physical therapy enables patients to be educated in terms of options regarding their pain management and facilitates choice in the direction of their ongoing therapy. He has been an executive member of Chiropractic Australia (formerly COCA) for 26 years, treasurer for 20 years and President of Chiropractic Australia Professional Development for 5 years.

Dr. Michael Swain

BChiroSc, MChiro, ICSSD, MPhil, PhD, FRCC
Michael Swain is a sports chiropractor, health researcher, and senior lecturer in the Department of Chiropractic at Macquarie University. He completed his Master of Philosophy at Macquarie University in 2011 and his PhD at the Institute for Musculoskeletal Health, the University of Sydney in 2019. His research focuses on the epidemiology of adolescent pain and musculoskeletal disorders. Dr Swain has received awards for his research work at national and international symposia. Mike was a Fellow of the inaugural Chiropractic Academy for Research Leadership (CARL) cohort, and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Chiropractors (UK) and a Director of Chiropractic Australia (CA).

Dr Stanley Innes​

BAppSc(Chiro), BHons(Psych), MPsych, PhD
Dr Innes graduated as a chiropractor from RMIT in 1983. He practiced for more than 30 years in private clinical practice in Melbourne, Victoria. He also completed training as a clinical psychologist in 2002. Dr Innes was appointed as a Lecturer at Murdoch University in 2014 where he teaches subjects in rehabilitation, ethics, professional practice and mental health care in chiropractic practice. His research areas have included chiropractic student well-being, accreditation and the competent practice of chiropractic, which formed part of his PhD completed in 2009. Since his time at Murdoch University, Dr Innes has had 24 publications resulting in an h-index of 9 and a field-weighted citation index of 1.5.
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