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icarechirocast is a series of podcasts developed by Chiropractic Australia Professional Development.

The name “icare” stands for: International-Clinical-Alliance-Research-Education. Inspired by the growing wave of social media communication by evidence-based chiropractors, the icarechirocast “conversations with influencers” are informal yet informative “talk show” style discussions on the issues facing contemporary chiropractic practice and those in the broader musculoskeletal healthcare community. Each icarechirocast will be hosted by Stephen Perle and Dave Newell, both well known communicators and engaging presenters, and will also include two special guests. Show Notes including host and guest speaker bios and links to articles mentioned in the podcasts are available below:

Available now, the icarechirocast podcasts can be accessed via:

For feedback and suggestions please email: Note: Listening to icarechirocast podcasts counts as an informal learning activity for CPD.

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