Chronic Pain

CPD Hours: 3.0 Formal

There are 3 topics related to chronic pain which are covered within this program.

Research Evidence for Manual Therapy for Chronic Neck and Low Back Pain, presented by Professor Roni Evans, covers the growing recognition that many of the current spine pain management strategies are costly, potentially harmful, and largely ineffective and summarises the best available research regarding clinical and cost effective spinal manipulation for chronic low back and neck pain.

Mind Body Medicine, Mindfulness and Chronic Pain, presented by Dr Craig Hassed, focuses on the experience and perception that pain is affected by the mental and emotional state which may result in the development and aggravation of chronic pain syndromes and addresses some of the mind/body interventions that improve stress and mental health which may have a preventative or therapeutic effect on chronic pain.

In the third topic, Revisiting the Biopsychosocial Model for Chronic Low Back and Neck Pain, Professor Gert Bronfort summarizes new and promising research from the model’s biological, psychological and social domains and addresses some recommendations for the spine related healthcare professions to implement the biopsychosocial model to lessen the burden of chronic pain.

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