The Neurological Examination, Clinical Presentations & Differential Diagnosis; Grand Rounds

CPD Hours: 4.00 Formal

As primary care practitioners chiropractors and osteopaths commonly see patients with neurological pathology, a thorough examination and prudent interpretation of the history, signs and symptoms is essential in order to arrive at a meaningful diagnosis and therefore appropriate treatment. As most of us remember, from our undergraduate years, neurology is both a difficult and complex subject to comprehend. This module should help provide practitioners with the skills necessary to competently examine, diagnose and refer where necessary for the more common problems associated with diseases of the nervous system.

Dr Trevor Kilpatrick MB, BS, PhD, FRACP.

Dr Kilpatrick is both a clinical neurologist and researcher with appointments at both the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Department of Neurology and the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. He has held research positions at the Institute of Neurology, London and the world famous Salk Institute, California. Trevor is the recipient of numerous academic and research awards and has published over 30 peer reviewed papers as well as presenting at numerous national and international conferences on neurology.

Grand Rounds Panel

A distinguished group of clinicians will be presented with a series of interesting case studies and will be questioned on how they would approach the examination, diagnosis and management of each case. The panel includes:

  • Russell Banks BAppSc(Chiro), FACCS
    Peter Kent BAppSc(Chiro), BAppSc(Physio), GradDipManipPhysio
    Matthew Long BSc, MChiroSc
    Henry Pollard BSc, GradDip(Chiro), GradDipAppSc, MSportSc
    Peter Tuchin BSc, GradDip(Chiro), Dip(OHS)
    Bruce Walker DC, MPH
    David Whitaker DO
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