The Neurological Examination, Headaches – Differential Diagnosis, Stroke – Pathogenisis, Diagnosis & Screening

CPD Hours: 3.50 Formal

Primary healthcare providers like chiropractors and osteopaths are often confronted by patients with neurological signs and symptoms that could indicate serious neurological pathology. The differential diagnosis of these clinical presentations is often extremely difficult and a thorough examination and prudent interpretation of the history, signs and symptoms is essential, in order to arrive at a meaningful diagnosis and therefore appropriate treatment.

This module will focus on how to perform a competent and thorough neurological examination, and interpret the findings. Differential diagnosis of headaches will also be covered as well as the warning signs and symptoms of manipulation induced stroke, together with appropriate emergency treatment.

Dr Helmut Butzkueven MBBS, FRACP

Dr Helmut Butzkueven is a consultant neurologist with a special interest in multiple sclerosis and is currently undertaking his PhD at the prestigious Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.

After completing this module your skills in performing a neurological examination and its interpretation will be greatly improved. You should also become more confident diagnosing the more serious diseases of the nervous system and when to refer for specialist opinion.

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