Pharmacological Management of Pain

CPD Hours: 4.5 Formal

This program is presented by Kiran Parsons BPharm, BSc (Pharmacology), MPS, a lecturer in the Faculty of Health Sciences School of Pharmacy at Curtin University in West Australia. Kiran has been a registered community pharmacist for 16 years and teaches in the areas of professional pharmacy practice, primary care and complementary medicine. She has also worked as an interprofessional practice facilitator, supervising Curtin students in multidisciplinary heath care teams during practice placements.

In this 2 part lecture series Kiran Parsons will discuss the pharmacological management of pain. The lectures discuss the different types of pain and their management using OTC and prescription medication as well as complimentary medicines using an evidence-based approach.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this program, participants should:

  • Be aware of the evidence-based drug resources available to allied health professionals.
  • Understand what internal and external analgesic medications are available on prescription and over the counter (OTC) including complementary medicines.
  • Recognise the place of these various medicines in the management of acute pain vs chronic (non-malignant) pain.
  • Be able to discuss the major side effects, interactions and contraindications with concurrent medications and medical conditions associated with these medicines.
  • Be aware of the possibility and consequences of overuse and misuse of these medicines.
  • Understand that managing a patient’s pain should be part of an interprofessional approach.
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