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What to expect when purchasing an Online Education Module for the first time

  1. Select the module you want to study from the list available.
  2. A new page will open providing a description of the module, the Formal Learning Activity hours it attracts, the cost, and a link to purchase.
  3. Once you click on the link a page will open asking for the CA Member Rate code. If you have one enter it and click Next.
  4. A page will open listing all the modules available and their prices. Click on the one you want to purchase.
  5. A Registration Form page will open. Fill out the form, including a User Name of your choice, and click on Next.
  6. You will then be transferred to the Secure Payment Gateway. When this opens select your credit card type and complete the details requested. Your payment will be securely processed and you will be advised when successfully completed.
  7. Once the payment transaction is complete a Tax Invoice page will open which you can print out. This page also contains your User Name and an 8 digit Password. At the same time you will be sent an email confirming your User Name & Password (You should retain this for future reference). You can print the Tax Invoice for your records but if you don’t the system will retain it.
  8. Click on Continue at the bottom of the Tax Invoice to gain access to your module.

Purchasing Additional Modules or returning to Part Completed Modules

Once you have completed the initial registration as outlined above and you want to purchase another module OR if you have part completed your current module, logged out and want to return to it, the easiest way it gain access is to go to: and enter the User Name you created in Step 5 above, and the 8 digit Password you were given in Step 7.

Note: The ability to leave and return a module only applies when you are in the Information section of the module. It does NOT apply to the Assessment section of the module.

  1. The User Name & Password issued to you will allow you to access the full range of modules on offer and a record of completed modules.
  2. Modules will be accessible as soon as payment is accepted.
  3. Modules are non-transferable.
  4. A Certificate of Completion will be available to each purchaser on successful completion of the assessment section of the module.
  5. Modules have been assessed by CA Professional Development as Formal Learning Activity (FLA) as per AHPRA Guidelines.
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