Empowering evidence

The promotion, funding and publishing of impactful musculo-skeletal research are essential for the advancement of evidence-based practice. In line with Chiropractic Australia’s long-standing commitment to continuous improvement, innovation and contribution to the body of knowledge behind the chiropractic profession, we established the Chiropractic Australia Research Foundation (CARF) in 2012 to support the vital role of research – and the people that undertake it – in ensuring informed and effective health outcomes.

Supported by Chiropractic Australia, our valued members and generous donors; CARF is proud to have invested more than $1.65 million in grants to date, supporting over 35 projects in Chiropractic research and capacity building for the future of high-quality inquiry in the field.

Our Mission & Vision

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CARF Board of Directors

The Chiropractic Australia Research Foundation Board is comprised of seven highly qualified Directors who are currently practicing chiropractors, academics or both. Through our related research fund, the Board oversees the Chiropractic Australia Research Foundation. The Foundation is responsible for directing funding for research projects and chiropractic related PhD scholarships, both of which directly support the chiropractic profession as well as related health care professions.

The Board’s research goal is to continually develop and improve best practice methods and skills which will ultimately lead to better community health through quality care and also strengthen chiropractic’s inter-professional relationships and integration into the broader health care community.

Research Grants & Applications

Donations to Chiropractic Australia Research Foundation benefit individual researchers and the chiropractic and osteopathic professions as a whole.

Donations can be made:

  • Online via the Donation Form
  • With your annual Chiropractic Australia membership renewal
  • With payments for professional development courses
  • By contacting Chiropractic Australia personally to discuss bequests or one-off donations

As a Registered Charitable Trust with the Australian Taxation Office all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

2021 Researchers' Day

The 10th annual Researchers’ Day will be held on Friday 27th August at the Sydney Masonic Centre in Sydney’s CBD.

A copy of the 2021 Researcher’s Day program will be available soon. In the meantime, Members can contact Chiropractic Australia’s Conference & Events Manager, Mandy Bromilow for further information.

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