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PhD Scholarship Recipient /
Amber Beynon, DC




Murdoch University


PhD Candidate


To determine if early life frailty (ill-health) conditions are potential risk factors for back pain in adolescence and young adulthood. Our plan is to achieve this by performing a secondary analysis of data obtained from participants in the Raine study and additionally from the participants in the Childhood Health, Activity, and Motor Performance School Study Denmark (CHAMPS study-DK).

The Raine study is a longitudinal cohort investigation on a discreet Western Australian population from the birth to 27 years. The CHAMPS study-DK is a quasi-experimental trial designed to estimate the effects of physical education and other variables on cardiovascular risk factors, musculoskeletal health, and motor performance in children from Svendborg, Denmark. The RAINE study data will allow us to investigate a broad array of co-morbidities.

The CHAMPS-DK data will allow us to further understand the associations of cardiometabolic health and spinal pain using objective measures of cardiometabolic risk and intensive measures of spinal pain collected each week of the course of two years. The results will be used to identify potential risk factors for musculoskeletal back pain.


To investigate if early life frailty factors such as childhood gastrointestinal illness, cardiovascular illnesses, respiratory illnesses (including asthma and allergies) are potential risk factors for back pain in adolescence or young adulthood.

This research program will consist of three parts: (i) systematic critical literature reviews (ii) secondary analysis of data from an Australian longitudinal population-based study (the Raine study), (iii) a secondary analysis of data from a Danish longitudinal population-based study (the CHAMPS study-DK).

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