Chiropractic Australia

Interviews with PhD Scholarship + Grant Recipients

At the 2016 National Conference in Sydney we conducted short interviews with each of our PhD Scholarship recipients about their research projects. You can view those interviews by following the links below.

Dr Katie De Luca – A cross sectional analysis of older women with arthritis: investigating pain mechanisms.

Dr Matthew Stevens – Prevention and management of low back pain.

Dr Matthew Fernandez – What causes LBP? – Investigating chiropractic care related factors using an innovative twin design approach

Dr Jeff Cooley – The role of lumbar multifidus muscle (LM) morphology in relation to clinical outcomes in patients with persistent low back pain:  A prospective cohort study.

We also interviewed one of our first Small Grant recipients about their project.

Associate Professor Bruce Walker – Evidence-Based Practice: Attitudes, skills, and behaviours of Australian chiropractors.

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