Chiropractic Australia

Research Project Grant Recipients

Research Project Grants Awarded 2012

Project Title: Evidence-Based Practice: Attitudes, skills and behaviours of Australian Chiropractors.
Chief Investigator: Dr Bruce Walker
Associate Investigators: Dr S. French, Dr J. Hebert, Dr N. Stomski

Project Title: Chiropractic care for Adolescent low back pain: A pilot study for a randomised trial.
Chief Investigator: Dr Simon French
Associate Investigators: Dr B. Walker, Dr L. Hestbaek, Associate Professor L. Sanci

Project Title: The role of quantitative measure  of muscle morphology in understanding low back pain: The clinical significance of  the lumbar multifidis.
Chief Investigator: Dr Jeff Hebert
Associate Investigators: Dr J. Fritz, Dr R. Marcus, Dr B. Walker


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